5th European Academic Symposium on EAF Steelmaking

European Academic Symposium on EAF Steelmaking

The Process Metallurgy Research Unit at the University of Oulu and the Department for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering at RWTH Aachen University organised the 5th European Academic Symposium on EAF Steelmaking – EASES 2023 at the University of Oulu in Oulu, Finland on the 05-07 June 2023!

Scope and Topics

The European Academic Symposium on EAF Steelmaking is focused mainly on researchers and doctoral candidates in academia, research and technology organisations and companies with the topic of EAF steelmaking and technology. It will give the researchers and PhD students the opportunity to present and discuss about their current research projects. It will help to better get to know each other, get a better idea of what others working in the same field are doing and to create networks between the people working on similar topics.

Topics for presentations on the EAF process at the symposium include:

  • Efficiency and optimisation
  • Process control and sensors
  • CO2 emission reduction and environmental impact
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Scrap treatment and control
  • Alternative/new charge materials (DRI/HBI/…)
  • Slag and by-products engineering, processing and valorisation
  • Production of new steel grades

More about https://www.eases.rwth-aachen.de/