iSlag combines novel fast slag characterization devices with advanced modelling and data treatment tools to maximize the slag reuse and recycling, by reducing the environmental impact of the EAF-based steelmaking route and the costs for slag disposal while maximising revenues deriving from its valorisation. Moreover, user-friendly and ergonomic decision support concepts are developed to favour operating and management practices aimed at maximum valorisation of slag and implementation of Circular Economy solutions in the daily work of electric steelworks. In order to implement such decision concepts, a flexible and ergonomic interface will be developed and validated, allowing a straightforward access and interpretation to all the information provided by the devices and by the models, and giving practical indications on the operations to be performed in order to optimize the slag features for future valorization.

The investigated solutions, although validated in a series of case studies related to the different industrial partners of the project, will be customizable and transferable throughout the EU steel sector.