Institut für Baustoff-Forschung e.V. (FEHS) is the joint non-profit research organisation of the German, Netherlands, Swiss and Austrian steel industry established to promote and support the use of slags and residues of iron- and steelmaking. FEHS holds 60 years of experience in investigation and development of new application for these products.
In iSlag FEHS characterizes the solid slag samples to be used for the development of TENOVA’s LIBS-based system for fast solid slag characterization and leads the analysis of slag recycling paths in the view of full implementation of Industrial Symbiosis concepts.

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Dr. Agnieska Morillon
Institut fur Baustoff Forshung E.V.
Secondary Raw Materials / Slag Metallurgy
Bliersheimer Strasse 62, 47229 Duisburg.
Tel. +492065994512